The InnoGIO company is an emerging brand on the Polish and foreign market. We are a dynamically developing company.

Nothing is impossible for us, we don't stick to templates. We are looking for new solutions to introduce products to the market not by our customers, but with them.

The goal of our brand is to provide consumers with modern, good-quality products, thanks to which consumers will be satisfied with their use.

Our products are distinguished by innovation and careful workmanship, to which we pay great attention.

In business

On the business side, InnoGIO is a partner that understands the needs of the market, understands its customers, both small and large.

It is a committed manufacturer that supports its trading partners, and is able to flexibly adapt to customer needs. Cooperation with customers is important to us, it is with them that we create the appearance of our maki.

We are open to various forms of cooperation, we do not limit ourselves to standard solutions. We support our clients by creating aid packages and providing all materials needed for effective sales.