UV lamps for sterilization


The innoGIO GIOuvLight handheld sterilizer will protect you from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

The GIOuvLight sterilizer effectively destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet C rays. The same ones emitted by the Sun and against which the Earth is protected by the ozone layer. Though small in size, it is extremely effective compared to domestic lamps offered by other retailers.

Why the GIOuvLight sterilizer

Are you worried about your health and those of your loved ones? It is obvious. After all, you are aware that microbes and viruses, although invisible to the naked eye, endanger the health of those you love the most. Pathogens are transmitted on infected hands, are found in the air exhaled by sick people, they settle on tops, door handles, handrails, etc.

The innoGIO brand for everyone

The compact GIOuvLight UV lamp, introduced to the Polish market by the innoGIO brand, works great in the fight against microorganisms. It makes it easier to take care of the sterility of everyday objects: computer keyboards, mobile phones, keys, backpacks, bags, clothes, shoes, and toys that children have contact with. Although intended for home use, it kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and allergens.

Disinfect or sterilize

On March 4, 2020, when the first case of coronavirus infection was detected in Poland, the Chief Sanitary Inspector appealed: Remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and if this is not possible, disinfect them with alcohol-based liquids / gels (at least 60% ). The virus is covered with a thin fatty layer, which is destroyed by detergents, soap, disinfectants, and UV rays. The soap and liquids listed by GIS are very effective in eliminating most pathogens. Specialists to this list also add disinfection with other chemical solutions, hot air, steam, as well as autoclaving (high temperature + high pressure) and ozone treatment. The problem, however, is that at home, during disinfection, we will get rid of most bacteria and viruses in a vegetative or spore form. However, it is extremely difficult to destroy pathogens that have taken the spore form. In order to deal with them, sterilization is needed, thanks to which we sterilize the surfaces of objects with which we come into contact.

What are we fighting against

The world of microbes is like a jungle with many useful and dangerous species. Viruses, although they are murderous, are nevertheless particles. Bacteria are real monsters with them. If the former are compared to the ant, the latter will be at least the size of a crocodile. To protect yourself from them, it is worth reaching for a universal tool.

Why we choose GIOuvLight

Popular lamps from a home solarium are not suitable for home sterilization, although they also emit UV radiation. If they were killing microbes, they would be damaging human skin as well, so they would definitely not be approved for use. Only the innoGIO lamp, which emits radiation of the appropriate wavelength, allows for quick and effective elimination of viruses and bacteria. It is enough to irradiate the previously washed surface for 30 seconds, keeping a 3-5 cm distance for our items to be reusable.

Why GIOuvLight works

The secret lies in the LED diodes that emit UV waves with a length of 253.7 nm, the so-called "Life killers". Radiation with such parameters is lethal to any life form. UVC253.7 knocks out electrons from atomic nuclei, which causes irreversible changes in the structure of nucleic acids that are present in viruses and bacteria. As a result, the pathogens die immediately. It is worth mentioning that exactly this murderous radiation is emitted by our life-giving star - the Sun. However, all living things are protected against it by the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth.

A practical tool

Many retailers offer several types of home UV lamps. Some of them emit light in the UVC band, but with a wavelength other than the one described above, so they are not as effective. Some sterilizers can only be used when no one is in the room, so they sterilize only surfaces exposed to light (UVC does not penetrate deep into liquids and solids) and air. That is why the innoGIO brand offers all those who care about the sterility of their everyday items an extremely practical portable steriliser GIOuvLight. The lamp is foldable, very light (weighs only 270 g), so you can take it with you even when traveling, handy (it has a streamlined, hand-friendly shape) and easy to use (older people can easily handle it, which are usually afraid of technological innovations). It can be powered by batteries, rechargeable batteries or a USB connection from a power bank.

Safety first and foremost

The sterilizer, although it emits rays that are lethal for microorganisms, is safe to use. First of all, because the rays do not directly affect the eyes and skin (they are emitted vertically downwards). The built-in sensor causes the device to work continuously for only 180 seconds, and when the lamp is tilted to the side, it immediately turns off. For the sake of the youngest members of the household, special safeguards have also been installed. The impact of the GIOuvLight sterilizer on the health of users has been tested in a laboratory. The FCC label on the package indicates that energy transfers, including unintentional ones, do not exceed the limits set by the US Federal Communications Commission. And the CE symbol means the manufacturer's declaration that the device complies with the European Union Directives regarding safety, health and environmental protection.

A modern solution

The technology used in the GIOuvLight lamp is based on the action of the same rays as emitted by the Sun. Therefore, just like sunbathing, it is worth taking advantage of it, while adhering to safety rules.

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