InnoGIO- Sonic toothbrushes for whole family


Sonic brushes produced by innoGIO are not only versatile and nice, but also available at a reasonable price - says Karina Opalińska, General Manager of ABC Kid, owner of the innoGIO brand.

Toothbrushes are one of those items that accompany us throughout our lives, and for this we use them, or at least we should, on an extremely regular basis. This is probably reason enough to learn more about them.

Karina Opalińska: Before the first toothbrush appeared, which probably happened around 1500 in China, people took care of their oral hygiene in many different ways, for example with the help of twigs, bird feathers or fishbones. At the end of the nineteenth century, brushes made of natural bristles (e.g. bear hair) were already produced on a larger scale, and in the late 1930s, synthetic fibers, mainly nylon, were used.

Although brushes of this type are still available, a lot has changed over the ninety years.

For decades, choosing a toothbrush has come down to deciding on bristle hardness. Soft, medium, hard and that's it. Along with the development of technology and the growing wealth of societies, producers began to outdo each other in new solutions. Various arrangement of bristles, springy heads - here was a field to show off, and the results of the experiments could be admired not only on store shelves, but also in advertisements.

And finally the time has come for electric toothbrushes. It is hard to believe that from the moment of creating the first copy (in 1939 in Switzerland), to the start of serial production (in 1960 in the USA), more than twenty years passed, and almost thirty more were needed by the producers to replace the reciprocating movement of the tip with rotary. But soon after that, in the early 1990s, sonic toothbrushes appeared, which are becoming more and more popular every year, responding to the growing demands of customers.

It seems that the leading brands have managed this market very well.

Yes and no. There are several leading manufacturers, which doesn't mean there can't be more. The best example is our innoGIO brand, created by me in 2018. Among the innovative products for children and parents, such as silicone bedside lamps, handy nubs, thermometers and UV lamps for disinfection, we offer unique sonic toothbrushes for children aged two to eight years.

You can see at first glance that this is a product intended for the youngest, which does not mean, however, that it is less technically advanced or made with less care. The characteristic, inverted droplet shape of the base makes the innoGIO toothbrush fit even in a small untrained hand, and the three-sided tip with 360-degree function allows you to brush your teeth in any position.

A very interesting solution that allows children to use the innoGIO sonic toothbrush for several years (from two to eight years old or even earlier) is a three-phase button, thanks to which we can choose one of three programs for children aged 2-4; 4-6 years and 5-8 years. The tips, available in double packages, need to be replaced regularly, because not only do they wear out during washing, but also children quite often chew on them.

Is it true that sonic toothbrushes have only advantages and only one disadvantage, which is the high price?

Sonic brushes produced by innoGIO are not only versatile and beautiful, but also available at a reasonable price. We want everyone, regardless of the amount of income, to be able to provide the child with proper oral hygiene from an early age.

This is very important, especially when we look at the statistics that do not fill us with optimism.

It is true, according to various studies, from 60 to 85 percent. Polish six-year-olds have decayed teeth, every second three-year-old has caries, and over 90 percent people reaching the age of majority have cavities in several teeth. The problem is that we still cannot take care of oral hygiene - we brush our teeth too rarely, irregularly, too short; we do not replace brushes often enough; We only go to the dentist when something hurts. And in this case, regularity, accuracy and prevention are the most important. The innoGIO sonic toothbrushes for children guarantee accuracy and visible results after the first brushing.

But how do you develop a toothbrush habit in your child?

First, we should set a good example for the children. If the youngest see that the parent cares about their teeth - brushing them, using a floss, visiting the dentist regularly, it will certainly be easier for them to understand that it is important. Our parental consistency is also necessary - do not count on the fact that a few-year-old will always remember to brush his teeth, that he will always want to. An attractive toothbrush in your favorite color can help us develop the habit of brushing our teeth. The innoGIO brushes come in four colors - pink, purple, yellow and blue, they are pleasant to touch, and the protective cap can be used as a cup for rinsing teeth after washing. This makes the youngest happy to reach for them.

What if the child grows out of his innoGIO sonic toothbrush?

Our offer also includes a toothbrush for older children, adolescents and adults - GIOzoe. Reaching for a white or black GIOzoe sonic toothbrush, we get more than just a toothbrush. Among the replaceable heads, we can also find - apart from the nylon and silicone cleaning tip - a massage head and a face care head. Using the innovative Sonic Pulse technology, the innoGIO GIOzoe brush performs 13,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute. Equipped with an ultra-hygienic, medical-grade silicone, it breaks down and removes plaque in an extremely gentle way with the help of micro movements, without damaging the enamel of teeth or gums.

How do users react to such solutions - unique design and pastel colors in the case of innoGIO sonic toothbrushes for children, as well as the multifunctionality of those from the GIOzoe series?

Our children's brushes are considered innovative and arouse great interest - they attract both with their appearance and competitive price. We often participate in trade fairs and events for the general public, and each time we hear expressions of positive surprise and appreciation. GIOzoe brushes are just entering the market and I have to admit that the interest among distributors and retail chains is very high. I am glad that although the InnoGIO brand appeared on the Polish market only two years ago, our products will soon be available for purchase all over the world - from the USA, through Europe to Asia.

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