InnoGIO lamp family


InnoGIO lamp family

InnoGIO lamp family consists of three sizes of cats, a bunny, a unicorn, a penguin, a llama, a mouse, a dinosaur, a panda and a swan. Perfect for a children's room and while traveling. InnoGIO lamps will be the perfect companion for your child growing up. The friendly and cheerful design of the lamps will make your child love them immediately.

Soft and calming glow of light will bring the right atmosphere to the child's room. The changing colors of the lights will help your baby fall asleep easily, overcoming all nightmares of the dark. However, changing the colors by touching the lamp with your hand will ensure great fun not only during the evening ritual of falling asleep.

The lamps are designed with attention to every detail to ensure the safety of use even for the smallest children. Made of soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone. They do not get hot. The delicacy of the touch makes children very happy to hug them.

Child can squeeze them at will, and they will return to their shape after a while. Base of the lamp has a built-in battery charged with a micro USB cable (included). This form of charging allows you to charge anywhere, even while traveling. The lamps, depending on the model, shine in three, seven or eight colors. Perfect as a gift, they will surely bring a smile to every child's face.


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