Nebulizer - how to use it in practice?


Reliable InnoGIO GIOvital nebulizers for home inhalations

Aerosol administration of medicine is very popular. Doctors confirm that this method of taking medication is much better than the standard ones. It is because the medicine is absorbed by the body more quickly; this route of administration lowers the risk of side effects and works directly on the location of the disease. The GIOvital Mini Mesh membrane nebulizer and the InnoGIO GIOvital VP-D1 compressor nebulizer are certified medical devices that are extremely helpful in treating respiratory diseases.

The nebulizers can be used with various medicines and herbs, thanks to which they will also be helpful in herbal treatments. The devices operate quietly and are easy to use. All you need to do is insert the medicine and press the start button. By using ultrasounds, the GIOvital Mini Mesh nebulizer changes the preparation into fine aerosol, which is effectively distributed in fine particles in the body. The advanced technology makes it possible to make the most of the medicine. The medicine administered this way enhances the therapeutic effect and simultaneously reduces side effects; naturally, you should first consult your doctor before choosing this method. The two-way membrane located inside of the GIOvital Mini Mesh nebulizer is clog-proof, and thanks to the reverse cleaning system we can be sure that the administered medicines do not mix together.

Both nebulizers can be used by adults and children thanks to the two sizes of inhalation masks and a reusable mouthpiece.

The InnoGIO GIOvital nebulizers are compact devices which will have a beneficial effect on the health of everyone in your family, anywhere in the world. Additionally, the InnoGIO GIOvital Mini Mesh nebulizer can be powered either by batteries or a cable included in the set. Thanks to our InnoGIO GIOvital nebulizers, no allergies or respiratory infections will interfere with your family holiday.

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