Nebulizer - how to use it in practice?


A completely new method of administering drugs! Do you want to know how it works and is it worth buying a nebulizer? Administration of the drug in the form of an aerosol has become popular some time ago, doctors confirm that it is a much better form of taking the drug than standard methods. Why? First of all, the drug is absorbed faster by the body, reduces the occurrence of side effects and acts directly on the site of the disease.

What is nebulization?

It is a medical "procedure" that you can perform at home without any obstruction. Even though the name sounds a bit scary, it really isn't anything complicated! Nebulization is primarily an inhaled form of drug administration in the so-called aerosol. The nebulizer delivers the drug in the form of a mist orally directly into the respiratory system. Drugs in this form are often administered to patients with asthma, cystic fibrosis or other respiratory diseases. Administering the medicine in this form works quickly and the medicine goes where the body needs it, without any risk of side effects as in traditional forms of drug administration. If you are considering a nebulizer intended for administering drugs to your child, it will also be a much easier form of administering drugs.

Nebulizer - how to use it in practice?

The first thing you need to take care of during the nebulization procedure is the right mask or mouthpiece for your child, it definitely prevents the loss of medicine from the device. You choose a mask or mouthpiece for the disease that affects you or your child, depending on whether you need to breathe through the mouth or through the nose. During the procedure, carefully observe the spray of the drug, if it is uneven, stop administering it until the mist is sprayed smoothly again. How can this be seen? The droplets on the walls of the sprayer will settle to the bottom of the sprayer.

Depending on whether you have poured the medicine into the nebulizer or the mixture with saline, you should inhale for 10 to 20 minutes. This should be done less for children!

The mask should stick to the face so that it is tight! After turning the device on, you must take deep breaths slowly until the medication cup is empty. We perform the treatment at room temperature, especially ensuring that the sick child is not left outside after the treatment!

As you can see, using a nebulizer is very easy, but you shouldn't forget to consult your doctor during your illness! The nebuliser is not a device intended for all patients. In some diseases, its use is not recommended, e.g. in heart failure. After each inhalation, rinse your mouth thoroughly and rinse the nebulizer with warm water and wash it thoroughly! After drying, connect to the nebulizer for a few seconds and turn on the device. We also recommend that you replace the inhaler nebulizer and filter every six months!

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