GIOperfect for your skin and GIOfrozen for your cosmetics


Our face is the most vulnerable part of one's body and is regularly exposed to external factors. It is also the part that we all notice the most. That is why focusing on the right skin care is so important. Using multifunctional GIOperfect products is the best way to ensure it receives the care it needs and deserves. Let’s not forget that skin care also means using products that are the right fit for your skin type and that those products should be properly stored. Our GIOfrozen compact fridge will do just that.

Compact GIOperfet products are made of super soft, antibacterial and non-sensitising silicone. Each of the products has protrusions on one side; as they vibrate, they effectively clean, scrub and regenerate your skin. Several vibration modes allow you to choose the right mode of massage and product application for your skin. On the other side of the GIOperfect Shine brush there is a corrugated part; you can use it to treat yourself to a massage that stimulates circulation and relieves skin fatigue. The GIOperfect Clean brush has a LED panel with two modes: anti-ageing and anti-acne. Combining the massage with light makes the skin firmer, rejuvenated and radiant. You can also use this brush to apply face masks.

In order for the skin care to have the desired effects, we also have to take care of the products we use. It is important to store them in the right conditions. GIOfrozen fridge is a perfect place for that. This compact fridge has heating and cooling options which allow you to set the right temperature and therefore extend the shelf life of your products. There is also a build-in LED light in its door which will help you apply the product correctly and conjure up flawless makeup. Light intensity can be adjusted by pressing on the touch panel.

Multifunctional GIOperfect and GIOfrozen devices will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the compact form, daily rituals can be performed anywhere and anytime.

You can find the available GIOperfect and GIOfrozen products HERE .

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