How to measure the temperature with a non-contact thermometer?

Ordinary thermometers have long since gone out of home use, they are often replaced by electric ones, and even more preferably by non-contact ones! Why is it like that? Ease of use, precision and above all reliabilitysuch a thermometer speaks for its purchase. When a baby appears in the family, it is hard to imagine measuring the temperature with an ordinary thermometer, which becomes non-functional.Why waste time waiting when you can get a body temperature result in a few seconds? We will show you the main functions and advantages of an infrared thermometer, and by the way we will give some practical tips on how to use such a thermometer at home. You can take our word for it, it's nothing difficult!

How to use the so-called infrared thermometers?

If you already have such a thermometer or maybe trying on such a purchase, it's worth knowing how non-contact thermometers work and learning how to use them correctly. Although it is not difficult at all, we know that it sometimes causes a problem, especially if you have never had contact with this type of device! The contactless thermometer primarily uses heat radiation measurement, which produces the measured object. In this way, the thermometer brings up heat with a given emission and approximates the indicated temperature on the body. The method of measuring the temperature by this device is nothing new! The measured object emits infrared radiation, then it takes values ​​from 0 to 1. When the body is black, it means in practice that the temperature is low. Usually, however, most of the objects we study are included in the upper limit of the scale.

Having already purchased a thermometer, e.g. InnoGIO GIOSpeedy HW-2, one of our sought-after infrared thermometer models, the first thing you need to do is read the manufacturer's comments. With the package leaflet attached, check exactly where to measure with a non-contact thermometer. It can be the temple, the center of the forehead, or even the area near the ear. Any other place that is not recommended by the manufacturer may result in poor body temperature measurement or incorrect reading.

Another important thing you must always remember is the distance between the thermometer being held and the body! The distance may vary depending on the model of the thermometer, but it is usually 3 to 5 centimeters from the measured person. Remember also precision and control of trembling hands during the measurement.

Another important point is the ambient temperature! You can quickly adjust the device if you are moving from a cold room to a warmer room and vice versa. What is our advice? First of all, you must wait a few minutes before you go to measure your body.

Useful for you and your baby

Is using the InnoGIO GIOSpeedy HW-2 contactless thermometer easy? All you have to do is turn it on with one button and follow our advice, which we wrote about earlier! The thermometer is quiet so you don't have to worry about your toddler waking up while taking the temperature. In addition, our thermometers are easily calibrated. How can & oacute; b do this? Actually, thermometers do it themselves, but you can do it manually. At first, check the room temperature and remove the reading e.g. from the wall, and then remove the reading from an object that is at a similar temperature, for example, it may be the floor. Then in the thermometer you will find the manual calibration mode, you need to measure the temperature of two points until both readings will not match.

Advantages of pyrometers:

In addition to the obvious convenience of measuring the temperature with such a thermometer, you can check not only the child's body temperature, but also the meal you give him / her. The large, readable display also leaves no doubt as to the measured temperature, and the memory card will have 20-30 measurements to measure, depending on the model of the thermometer.


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