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InnoGIO GIOvital Mini Mesh Nebulizer GIO-600

Catalogue number:  GIO-600
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The GioVital Mini Mesh membrane nebulizer is a certified medical device that enables the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies, etc. It can be used by adults as well as for inhalation of children. The device has been tested for the content of hazardous or harmful substances and obtained all possible approvals and certifications.

Treatment effectiveness

The nebulizer allows the patient to administer inhaled drugs, i.e. drugs in the form of a spray mist (aerosol) directly to the respiratory system. Depending on the size of the particles, the drug settles on the larynx, pharynx, trachea and bronchi, and the smallest particles can reach the alveoli. Administration of the drug in such a form and thus increases the therapeutic effect and reduces the side effects associated with the administration of oral drugs. Inhalation treatment is an effective and safe method of treatment, but it should be started only after consulting a doctor.

Principle of operation

The GioVital Mini Mesh mesh inhaler uses a vibrating membrane that pushes the medication through the mesh, turning it into a fine aerosol. The use of modern technology ensures that the membrane does not heat up and the structure of the drug at the molecular level does not change. The nebulizer has a clog-resistant double-sided mesh membrane, and the reverse cleaning system ensures that drug residues do not mix and react.

Comfort of use

GioVital Mini Mesh is a small size membrane nebulizer, therefore it is easy to store even in a small apartment. Due to its small dimensions, it is an ideal solution for travelers who need nebulization while traveling. You can also easily take it for a walk. Its operation is very simple - it has one button that allows you to start the device quickly and easily. The undoubted advantage of the device is its very quiet operation, because ultrasounds are used to generate the aerosol. The convenience of use is additionally ensured by the dual nebulizer power supply system. It can run on the batteries included with the device or it can be powered by the micro USB port using the cable included in the set. The built-in sensor will inform us about the need to replace the battery by flashing the power button.


The GioVital Mini Mesh nebulizer is universal and easy to use. Its rich equipment allows the use of the device by the whole family. Two sizes of soft masks ensure proper fit and comfort. An efficient nebulization system effectively atomizes the administered drug, thus shortening the inhalation time. The drug container has a scale that facilitates the appropriate dosing of drugs. The precision of the device means that the administered drug is fully used and its remnants do not remain in the nebulizer after inhalation. Contrary to traditional compressor inhalers, the membrane nebulizer does not require the connection of additional accessories such as a tube or a nebulization container. After inserting the battery or connecting to the power supply via a USB cable, the device is immediately ready for use and you only need to pour the appropriate medicine into the built-in nebulization container.

Equipment of the device

Together with the nebulizer, you receive a full set of accessories, including: a mask for children, a mask for adults, a mouthpiece, and a nebulization container.



Technical data

Type- membrane nebulizer
Type of power supply - battery and network (USB)
Design - electrical device, compact
Operation mode - continuous operation
Device dimensions (mm) - 48 x 114 x 58
Device weight (g) 91 g (without batteries)
Operating conditions - temperature: 10 ° C - 40 ° C, humidity 30% -85%
Power source - 2 AA alkaline batteries (3V); micro USB (5V)
Energy consumption - approx. 2 W
Vibration frequency - about 145 kHz
Nebulization speed - ≤ 0.20 ml / min
Particle size distribution - MMAD 5 μm
Drug container capacity- ≤ 8ml
Battery life - 90 minutes when using 2 AA alkaline batteries
The life of the drug container - 180 hours


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