The InnoGIO GIOfriends interactive cuddle toy


Every child has a favourite cuddle toy, loves to spend every minute with it and hug it while falling asleep. These are usually various teddy bears or other animals. InnoGIO offers much more. An all-in-one cuddle toy, lamp and music box! This is what GIOfriends products are like. The child can pick a cuddle toy it likes the most. It can choose for as many as four: Angelo the bear, Lucy the monkey, Mateo the fox and Oscar the raccoon.

GIOfriends is a cuddle toy. Children love hugging it, as it is made of a soft and pleasant fabric. Additionally, the various textures stimulate the child's senses, expand its imagination and have a positive impact on its emotional development. Thanks to the neutral colours and universal patterns, every child will love the cuddle toys.

GIOfriends is a lamp. GIOfirends will do a great job helping put your children to bed and will be perfect for the children who are afraid of the dark. The tummy of each cuddle toy glows with a delicate light and makes the room feel warm and cosy. There are two glowing modes: when the night light mode is on, it glows a white and warm light, and when the musical mode is on, the light can be blue, green or yellow.

GIOfriends is a music box. The cuddle toy has as many as 10 melodies; among them there are a few types of sounds of water and birds singing. Moreover, volume can be easily adjusted to the child’s needs. Thanks to the delicate sounds, the child will be soothed and will fall asleep peacefully. The melody can be turned on for 10, 20 or 40 minutes.

The GIOfriends cuddle toys are safe and easy to use. Even the youngest children will not have any problems with turning on their favourite melody or choosing a given light colour. The toy does not get warm so the child can have it by its side all the time. Thanks to how multifunctional they are, the GIOfriends cuddle toys are suitable for children of all ages. The youngest ones will relax next to the turned-on lamp and music box, slightly older children can use it as a lamp, and for the older ones it can serve as an amazing cuddle toy to put their treasures in.


You can find the available cuddle toys HERE.

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