Which brush should you choose?

Brush comparison

There are various types of brushes on the market, including manual plastic, bamboo, electric and sonic ones. In the face of such a large selection, you are certainly wondering what toothbrush will be right for your toddler who has recently grown teeth.

Electric brushes:

The head of an electric toothbrush is able to make about several thousand movements per minute. Effective brushing takes place in a few minutes, where with a manual brush it is impossible due to the amount of movement & oacute; in which our hand performs. M & oacute; knowing about your child, it will not be possible for him to make so many movements in his hand as to an adult. What is the minus of such a brush? It becomes non-functional if you disconnect from the power supply or go on vacation away from home where there are no favorable conditions & oacute; w. On the plus side, however, massaging the gums and effective removal of dirt definitely work. With interchangeable heads, the whole family can use this brush, not just the child.

Sonic brushes:

The sonic toothbrush is able to make up to several thousand movements per minute. Such a brush is definitely a good choice for a child because it prevents the gums from moving back and wiping the enamel. In their operation they are definitely unrivaled brushes on the market.

InnoGio sonic electric brushes:

The brush head is designed for even more precise tooth brushing and gum care. The unusually long battery life will allow you to brush your teeth without being charged every day. Depending on the phase, the brush energy is consumed differently.

Choosing a good brush is particularly important, see for yourself!

From an early age, you need to take care of your child's oral hygiene, avoiding the formation of a sickness that can affect permanent teeth in later years. As a manufacturer of children's accessories, we would like to present you electric toothbrushes for children with the 360 ​​& deg; function! Which brush is the best for a child? Of course, the one that's functional and easy to use! Are you thinking about a manual brush? This is definitely a bad decision if you care about your child's healthy gums and teeth. Your question is: Why? An ordinary brush, first of all, wears out at an express pace, is a source of many bacteria and germs, and the maximum amount of movement you can do with it is 200 per minute, where with our brush you can do a dozen or so times per minute! To care for the environment, we recommend a one-time purchase, which will serve you for several good years! Our brushes primarily focus on innovative and functional solutions that are perfect for your child's daily hygiene. We guarantee that your child will be happy to brush his teeth every day without whining. InnoGio sonic-electric toothbrushes are primarily a charming toy accessory that will useful in cleaning your teeth. Your kid wrinkled his nose at ordinary brushes? Offer her one of ours and you will be surprised how daily brushing your teeth can be pleasant for your child!

Why choose our brushes instead of another manufacturer's?

InnoGIO brushes are primarily a combination of electric and sonic brushes. They allow you to brush up to three teeth at once, to reach critical places between the teeth and to the molars. The head of our brushes is primarily slightly elongated, making it similar to a manual brush. The brush head is turned into micro-vibrations when it is turned on, wiping unwanted deposits on the teeth and creating bubbles that get rid of the bacteria in the space between the teeth!

Why are our brushes so widely recognized among parents?

In addition to the unique design, unheard of on the market, our brushes are designed so that your child can use them at any age and for several years in a row. The brushes have three phases, and each phase corresponds to a different age scale, which is now suitable for your child. In addition, the material from which the brush is created is antibacterial and environmentally friendly.

What is worth remembering

Sonic brushes are the most safe for children, and it is best to use them from 3 years old, this is not recommended before. How to start the adventure with a sonic toothbrush? First of all, you need to start teaching your child how to clean a tooth with a classic brush, and then sonically. The sonic brush is based on sweeping movements, which makes it so effective. Therefore, your child does not have to put unnecessary effort into brushing, because the sonic brush will clean the teeth without using force. Also, don't forget to supervise your child's oral hygiene up to the age of 8 until they are completely independent in this regard.See ours toothbrushes.


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