InnoGIO- Sonic toothbrushes for whole family

Sonic brushes produced by innoGIO are not only versatile and beautiful, but also available at a reasonable price. We want everyone, regardless of the amount of income, to be able to provide the child with proper oral hygiene from an early age.

UV lamps for sterilization

The GIOuvLight sterilizer effectively destroys the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet C rays. The same ones emitted by the Sun and against which the Earth is protected by the ozone layer. Though small in size, it is extremely effective compared to domestic lamps offered by other retailers.

Nebulizer - how to use it in practice?

A completely new method of administering drugs! Do you want to know how it works and is it worth buying a nebulizer? Administration of the drug in the form of an aerosol has become popular some time ago, doctors confirm that it is a much better form of taking the drug than standard methods. Why? First of all, the drug is absorbed faster by the body, reduces the occurrence of side effects and acts directly on the site of the disease.

InnoGIO lamp family

InnoGIO lamp family consists of three sizes of cats, a bunny, a unicorn, a penguin, a llama, a mouse, a dinosaur, a panda and a swan. Perfect for a children's room and while traveling. InnoGIO lamps will be the perfect companion for your child growing up. The friendly and cheerful design of the lamps will make your child love them immediately.